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      Start of month Hydro Protocol (HOT) price and metrics

      View the start of month prices and price metrics for Hydro Protocol (HOT). Start of month prices are important when analyzing the price action of any coin or token. Our data is the most accurate information available by only selecting data from established, high liquidity exchanges with reliable volumes. Check below Hydro Protocol historical data for price, low, high, close, open, volume for each start of month.








      01 Dec 2019 1.05025E-7 1.0966E-7 1.00025E-7 1.07725E-7 1.05025E-7 53340476.5
      01 Nov 2019 9.9555E-8 1.04555E-7 8.0E-8 1.00055E-7 9.9555E-8 354358206.5
      01 Oct 2019 8.0E-8 9.0E-8 7.0E-8 7.0E-8 8.0E-8 613434247
      01 Aug 2019 1.1E-7 1.2E-7 1.0E-7 1.2E-7 1.1E-7 957728934
      01 Jul 2019 1.8E-7 1.9E-7 1.4E-7 1.5E-7 1.8E-7 5116195456
      01 Jun 2019 2.7E-7 2.8E-7 2.5E-7 2.6E-7 2.7E-7 2118832853
      01 Apr 2019 2.8E-7 2.9E-7 2.7E-7 2.9E-7 2.8E-7 1004029636
      01 Feb 2019 3.7999998880878E-7 3.8999999674161E-7 3.1999999805521E-7 3.4000001392087E-7 3.7999998880878E-7 8513522176
      01 Jan 2019 1.1999999571799E-7 1.3000000365082E-7 1.1000000199601E-7 1.1999999571799E-7 1.1999999571799E-7 488338336
      01 Dec 2018 1.3000000365082E-7 1.399999973728E-7 1.1999999571799E-7 1.1999999571799E-7 1.3000000365082E-7 1111912064
      01 Nov 2018 1.7000000696044E-7 1.7000000696044E-7 1.5000000530563E-7 1.7000000696044E-7 1.7000000696044E-7 643876864
      01 Oct 2018 1.399999973728E-7 1.599999990276E-7 1.399999973728E-7 1.5000000530563E-7 1.399999973728E-7 1089642880
      01 Sep 2018 1.1999999571799E-7 1.3000000365082E-7 1.1000000199601E-7 1.1999999571799E-7 1.1999999571799E-7 2151380736
      01 Aug 2018 9.0000000341206E-8 9.0000000341206E-8 6.9999998686399E-8 6.9999998686399E-8 9.0000000341206E-8 1409177472
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