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      Market Data

      CoinExchangeData provides accurate updates for all market data found on the site. We query exchanges every minute to request their most recent and up-to-date market data. We do not alter the information we receive, so you can always be sure that the values shown here are exactly the ones you will find on the exchanges themselves.

      1. Price

      The prices shown on CoinExchangeData are taken directly from the selected exchanges. If two or more exchanges are selected the price will be the average price between those exchanges. This is also valid for other values such as Open, Close, High and Low, Highest Bid and Lowest Ask. For example if you select Kraken and Binance, and the price of Bitcoin is $3800 and $3810 respectively, the value shown on our website will be $3805.

      CoinExchangeData only shows pairs that are found on exchanges. If you are looking for BTC/CAD on Binance, and no results show up, it is because the pair does not exist on that exchange.

      2. Volume

      The volume shown will the one extracted directly extracted from each exchange we query our data from in the last 24 hours, with no alterations. If 2 ore more exchanges are selected, the volume will the total sum between those exchanges.

      3. Open, High, Low, Close Price

      The Open Price is the price the pair started trading that day and the Close Price is the closing price of the previous day. High and Low are the highest and lowest price points reported in the past 24 hours.

      4. Lowest Ask and Highest Bid

      The Lowest Ask and Highest Bid are the prices you can buy and sell for as reported by the exchanges. These values are constantly updated, and reflect exactly those found on the selected exchanges.

      5. Price Change

      Price is calculated by deducting the daily open price from the current price

      6. Listing Criteria

      CoinExchangeData lists all the pairs found on the exchanges we retrieve our information from, with no exception

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