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      Zcoin Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 48
      Master Node for XZC
      ROI (annual) 13.11%

      Zcoin masternode description

      Zcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which works on the Zerocoin protocol (utilizing zero-knowledge proofs) and is employed with a layer of Masternodes network to enable special features and use cases. Zcoin Masternode network enables unique functions and adds another layer of privacy and anonymity to its blockchain. Znode owners earn 30% of the block reward (presently 15 XZC every block) for hosting a reliable and powerful network that helps support the network.

      Zcoin masternode minimum requirements

      1. A minimum of 1000 XZC is needed to setup the node.
      2. Only the official wallet will be able to host the masternode.
      3. A machine to host your wallet, you can use a domestic computer for this purpose.
      4. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) with a dedicated IP address with the following specs: 1 Core CPU, 1GB RAM and 40GB disk space

      How to set up a Zcoin masternode

      1. Setup a VPS by either hosting one on your machine or choosing a VPS provider with at least the above requirements. Your VPS will also need a dedicated IP address
      2. Your VPS will need an OS for your machine to run it. A good example of such a software is PuTTy.
      3. Install the official Zcoin wallet and keep your 1000 XZC there.
      4. Send exactly 1000 XZC to the Znode address, which is the wallet address assigned to the masternode
      5. Open Zcoin core wallet and select the start masternode option.
      Name Price Annual Roi Required Coins Active Nodes Mn. Worth

      Zcoin Masternode Stats

      Based on actual data over the past 24 hours

      Coin Price


      ROI (annual)


      Required Coins


      Active Nodes


      Mn. Worth

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