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      SysCoin Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 30
      Master Node for SYS
      ROI (annual) 8.28%

      Syscoin masternode description

      Syscoin masternodes are based on Dash masternodes, and they provide numerous services for the Syscoin network including InstantSend, PrivateSend, and decentralised governance. WIth governance, users can make proposals for Masternode funding (eg. for community marketing purposes) and Masternode owners can then vote for proposals they wish to see funded. Proposals will be viewable via web-based portal, scheduled to launch soon. Funding comes from the block reward, which is released onto the network roughly every 60 seconds via conventional mining. 75% of the block reward is sent to a randomly selected masternode - this is approximately 25 SYS.

      Syscoin masternode minimum requirements

      1. A minimum or 100,000 SYS coins, which can eb bought from exchanges such as Binance, HITBTC or Bittrex
      2. The official wallet where the coins will be transferred to. The official wallet can be found here
      3. The machine that will host the masternode needs to have at least Single Core Cpu, 2GB RAM, 40GB free storage space on an SSD.
      4. An unlimited bandwidth internet connection, a static IP address, and to allow access for your masternode on TCP port 8369 if your ISP has any firewalls.

      How to set up a Syscoin masternode 

      1. A VPS provider that runs on Linux 16.04 LTS x64. You can either set up your machine to be a VPS or find a private VPS provider.
      2. Connect your VPS via SSH protocol and make it is updated to the latest version
      3. Download and install the official wallet on your main machine.
      4. Send exactly 100,000 SYS coins to the masternode wallet address. You will need to the Syscoin-QT wallet to process this transaction,
      5. After the previous step is finished, restart your QT Wallet on allow it to sync with the blockchain network. Afterwards, go to the “Masternodes” tab and select your masternode. Click start and write the following command to check its status : “syscli masternode status
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      SysCoin Masternode Stats

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