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      NIX Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 345
      Master Node for NIX
      ROI (annual) 11.77%

      Nix masternode description

      NIX is a unique project that aims at solving the issues that come with adapting crypto technology to different aspects of business. It does this by providing privacy mechanisms, solutions for scaling, adaptation of smart contracts, sidechains and more while retaining its user-friendliness and be as simple as possible.

      The network also has its own Ghost protocol, which is a combination of the Zerocoin protocol with one-time integrated Zerocoin addresses and a Tor network. The development team also plans on implementing support for atomic swaps that should be compatible with the protocol and providing privacy even for transactions between different chains.

      Nix masternode minimum requirements

      1. At least 40 000 NIX coins present or ready to be sent to the masternode wallet address in order to later generate a transaction (TXid) for a NIX masternode. You can buy coins from Mercatox or Idax
      2. Download and install the official wallet
      3. Ubuntu OS 16.04 and at least 2GB RAM for the Virtual Private Server. If you don’t have a provider, you can use Digital Ocean
      4. You will need a program with which you can remotely control your masternode. For Windows, you can use PuTTy and for Mac, you can use the native Terminal

      How to set up a Nix masternode

      1. The first step is to set up a Virtual Private Server and set it up with an Ubuntu version 16.04 or higher. 
      2. Make sure to configure the VPS and install a program that will allow you to remotely control your VPS, such as PuTTy for Windows or Terminal for Mac
      3. Install the official wallet and configure it
      4. The “ghostnode.conf” will need to be saved along with your 40 000 NIX TXid, which need to be sent to a designated G address
      5. Lastly, you will need to start your NIX Masternode and confirm its activity from the VPS
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      NIX Masternode Stats

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