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      MonetaryUnit Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 417
      Master Node for MUE
      ROI (annual) 29.97%

      MonetaryUnit masternode description

      Launched in July 2014 by the MUE foundation consisted of a strongly dedicated team driven by the idea to create a progressive ecosystem available for everyone disregarding their technical skills and knowledge. MonetaryUnit is a self-sustaining and decentralized blockchain offering advanced technological infrastructure of two layers – mining and masternode. Mining ensures the validation scan while in the meantime MUE masternodes are double confirming the legitimacy of each miner activities.

      MonetaryUnit masternode minimum requirements

      1. VPS with minimum 2GB RAM and 25GB hard drive space and a static IP adress, obtainable from Upbit
      2. Next up, supply it with 500,000 MUE, which can be bought from Bittrex and Upbit

      How to set up a Monetary Unit masternode

      1. Choose VPS provider and plan. Either renting VPS or consisting one on your own, the minimum requirement to run a MonetaryUnit masternode are: 2GB RAM and 20GB HDD space
      2. Set up OS on your VPS. To build the connection to your VPS you will need SSH software, a good fit for Windows is PuTTy
      3. Install the official wallet. Install it on your main machine and on the VPS and wait for them to synchronize
      4. Send 500,000 MUE to your wallet’s address. Please pay attention! You need to send exactly 500,000 MUE not more, not less. After the amount appears in your wallet, configure masternode.conf file
      5. Start the MUE masternode. Run it on your main machine and double check the VPS connection
      Name Price Annual Roi Required Coins Active Nodes Mn. Worth

      MonetaryUnit Masternode Stats

      Based on actual data over the past 24 hours

      Coin Price


      ROI (annual)


      Required Coins


      Active Nodes


      Mn. Worth

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