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      Lindacoin Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 597
      Master Node for LINDA
      ROI (annual) 41.47%

      Linda masternode description

      Linda is a cryptocurrency project by a small group of developers, which decided to fork the 8-Bit coin, as they deemed it had worthy features but a flawed execution. Thus, they developed a PoW and PoS hybrid that offers more than 70% of the block reward for stakers. Also, there are Linda masternodes which enable one of the key features in the network – instant transactions. Masternode operators are also part of the governance and treasury system, which allows them to vote for major change proposals and help develop the project further. Further useful additions include how swaps and stealth transactions. 

      Linda masternode minimum requirements

      1. 2,000,000 Linda coins which can be bought from CoinExchange or Idax
      2. The official Linda wallet
      3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) with a static IP – hot wallet side
      4. Your own PC that will host the coins as collateral – cold wallet side
      5. 1 Dual Core CPU and 1GB of RAM
      6. 20GB of free hard drive space

      How to set up a Linda masternode

      1. To begin the setup process, choose a VPS provider which will supply you with a static IP, Digital Ocean for example
      2. Install the OS of choice (Ubuntu for example) on your VPS and use PuTTy to open a remote connection
      3. Once you’re connected to the VPS download the official core wallet. Meanwhile, on your personal PC, you should also download the core wallet and install it.
      4. Once you’re done installing, it’s time to create your address and send coins to your PC’s wallet. Make sure to send exactly 2,000,000 or it won’t detect you as a masternode. Once that is done, finish up the configuration and make sure you’ve paired your main wallet to the one on the VPS.
      5. Wait for both wallets to sync and check if your cold and hot wallet setup is working without a hitch. Once you’re sure, you’ll be free to turn off your main PC and leave the work to your VPS.
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      Lindacoin Masternode Stats

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