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      ION Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 111
      Master Node for ION
      ROI (annual) 17.24%

      ION masternode description

      ION is a decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency. It’s running on Proof of Stake protocol and it features masternode network, offering zero-knowledge proof privacy protocol. The masternodes bring a certain stability to the network because they are sorting the rewards distribution between the peer nodes by checking the best/top performers. The reward for running an ION masternode is equal to 50% of the block reward, distributed among all masternodes. 

      ION masternode minimum requirements

      1. You need to obtain 20,000 ION coins and lock them as collateral. You can purchase them from Bittrex or Upbit
      2. The official ION wallet downloadable from here
      3. Ensure VPS with static IP address
      4. The computer used for locking your 20,000 ION could be switched on/off but the one supporting your masternode setup must be on 24/7
      5. Minimum 1 core CPU with 1GB of RAM and VPS Linux CLI masternode
      6. You will need 20GB hard-drive space to store the whole blockchain.

      How to set up a ION masternode

      1. Set up your VPS. A simple domestic computer could be used for VPS or my recommendation is to hire one. There are many service providers online, check those nearby you, it will be best. At last, check your IP address because it must be “static” to maintain your VPS.
      2. Set up your OS and VPS connectivity. To do that you can easily use any SSH terminal software and even do it remotely, good open source software that you can use to connect to the VPS is Putty.
      3. Install the official wallet. Download and install the official ION wallet because that is the only way to host ION masternode, do not forget to send 20,000 ION.
      4. Sending exactly 20,000 ION to your wallet’s address is most important, not more, not less. Configure the wallet and you will be able to send the collateral from exchange or another source.
      5. Run the masternode setup and test it. Open your ION core wallet and start the masternode from there.


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      ION Masternode Stats

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