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      HempCoin Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 723
      Master Node for THC
      ROI (annual) 37.45%

      HempCoin masternode description

      So, what is HempCoin (THC)? It is among the first 30 cryptocurrencies to be developed back in 2014. It focuses on bringing digital financing to the agricultural/farming industry and to the hemp industry. It is built on the source code of Bitcoin and includes both Marijuana dispensaries and the agricultural trade businesses. There was a hard fork in February 2018, which implemented privacy features and the code from PivX in order to be up to date and relevant compared to the competition. Right now, HempCoin is based on the PIVX code and has implemented the Zerocoin protocol, instant transactions with SwiftX and active masternodes. 

      HempCoin masternode minimum requirements

      1. At least 50 000THC coins that are held in the wallet address of the node or just prepared in a wallet to be sent to the node. You can obtain them from Bittrex or CryptoBridge
      2. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) for the masternode
      3. A minimum of 512MB of RAM And 2GB of hard drive space for the VPS
      4. Static IP Address for the VPS
      5. The official Hempcoin wallet

      How to set up a HempCoin masternode

      1. When you set up the VPS either by yourself or with the help of a provider, you will need to make sure that the IP address is static
      2. After that, you can set up your operating system and connect your VPS. A great tool for control over the VPS is PuTTy
      3. In order to run a THC masternode, you will need to install the official wallet. Please be advised that only the official wallet has the masternode functionality
      4. Next, you can go ahead and send your 50 000 THC coins to the masternode address. Make sure you send exactly the necessary amount with no more or no less. There is a 0.1THC transactional fee
      5. Start the HempCoin masternode from the official core wallet user interface
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      HempCoin Masternode Stats

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