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      Giant Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 516
      Master Node for GIC
      ROI (annual) 115.41%

      Giant masternode description

      As a popular network, combining the trio of digital coins, masternodes and smart contracts, Giant’s main value is considered to be transparency. Aiming to become a currency for mass adoption, Giant has also built a masternodes network to support its goals. Masternode operators are validating transactions in return of 80% reward. They also receive the ability to create smart contracts and participate in voting processes with one vote per masternode.

      Giant masternode minimum requirements

      1. Buy 1,000 GIC from an exchange 
      2. Install the Giant Core Wallet
      3. Look for reputable VPS provider 
      4. Check on your IP’s status – should be showing static, instead of dynamic

      How to set up Giant masternode

      1. Choose a VPS covering the specific criteria of 512 MB RAM and 1GB HDD.
      2. Use the Putty software to connect to your VPS.
      3. Install yourself the official Giant client to run your GIC masternode.
      4. Add 1000 GICs to your address and unlock the masternode capabilities.
      5. Run the Giant masternode and check if it’s accordingly showing the working process on both your PC and VPS.


      Name Price Annual Roi Required Coins Active Nodes Mn. Worth

      Giant Masternode Stats

      Based on actual data over the past 24 hours

      Coin Price


      ROI (annual)


      Required Coins


      Active Nodes


      Mn. Worth

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