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      EtherZero Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 12
      Master Node for ETZ
      ROI (annual) 51.92%

      EtherZero masternode description

      Etherzero (ETZ) is an innovative smart contract platform that provides services to DAPP developers and users. ETZ is using MPoS (Masternode Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism. It’s a two-layer consensus based on which the platform is capable of processing more than 1400 TPS transactions. Zero transaction fee and near-real-time transactions (a transaction is confirmed under 15s) are other two notable features of the platform.

      Anyone can become an EtherZero masternode host. All you need is to have is an agreed amount of ETZ coins and a server that meets the requirements for that. The masternodes are responsible for the transaction processing and community autonomy. To ensure a high-degree of open decentralization, every hour, 21 masternodes are selected from all masternodes by random authorization algorithm to confirm transaction and generate blocks.

      EtherZero masternode minimum requirements

      1. Download and install the official wallet
      2. The required amount to start Etherzero Masternode is exactly 20.000ETZ
      3. Deploy VPS server with an independent static IP address. 
      4. Minimum 16GB RAM and an 8 core CPU is needed
      5. 1TB available hard drive space

      How to set up a EtherZero masternode

      1. Choose VPS provider or set one on your own
      2. Configure your VPS’s OS. You will need Ubuntu 18.04.1 x64 or the latest version available. 
      3. Install the official EtherZero wallet 
      4. Configure your wallet. You need first to supply your wallet with exactly 20 000 ETZ, not more, not less.
      5. Start your EtherZero masternode. Access EtherZero Geth and run the masternode directly from the console
      Name Price Annual Roi Required Coins Active Nodes Mn. Worth

      EtherZero Masternode Stats

      Based on actual data over the past 24 hours

      Coin Price


      ROI (annual)


      Required Coins


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      Mn. Worth

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