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      DarkPayCoin Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 588
      Master Node for DKPC
      ROI (annual) 0%

      DarkPayCoin masternode description

      Two of the main issues in the crypto world, lack of decentralization and lack of privacy, inspired the creation of DarkPayCoin. The roadmap of the team behind this coin aims to handle these hiccups on a 100%, plus offering community built and linked products. 2019 will be the year for implementing peer-to-peer marketplace, called DarkPayMarket. This masternode coin is community driven, where every decision is put to a vote from the holders. Transactions are executed via the Zerocoin protocol, assuring privacy and anonymity. DarkPayCoin uses PoS 3.0 to achieve decentralization and network safety for masternode deployment and staking wallets.

      DarkPayCoin masternode description

      1. 10,000 DKPC – they can be bought from exchanges or traded with another user
      2. VPS with 512 MB of RAM with 1 GB of hard drive space,
      3. A public, static IP with a forced network port number

      How to set up a DarkPayCoin masternode

      1. Start by setting up your Virtual Private Server. Do that on your own or rent one. The main thing, that you have to pay attention to is the static IP address.
      2. After you are done with the VPS, continue to the OS setup. I recommend using Ubuntu. Once it’s installed, connect to the VPS using PuTTy.
      3. Install the official DKPC wallet. You can run a DKPC masternode only with that one.
      4. To enable configuration options, make sure that you’ve sent exactly 10,000 DKPC to the masternode’s address.
      5. When everything is done, check if the elements work and sync properly. Start the DarkPayCoin masternode from the core wallet Debug window/Console and have a look
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      DarkPayCoin Masternode Stats

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