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      Chaincoin Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 1722
      Master Node for CHC
      ROI (annual) 227.7%

      Chaincoin masternode description

      Every Chaincoin wallet on the network is called a node. These nodes relay transaction information between each other, which is what makes Chaincoin transactions quite fast. A master node has additional responsibilities, such as performing the anonymization of coins which is known as mixing. These mixed coins become completely anonymous, and allow Chaincoin transactions to be conducted in complete privacy.

      Chaincoin masternode minimum requirements

      1. 1000 CHC, obtainable either from exchanges or from trading with other CHC holders.
      2. Download the official wallet.
      3. Create a VPS with at least : Single core CPU, 1GB RAM, 25GB free space and 1TB of bandwidth
      4. A static IP address with either Sentinel or ZyWALL installed and configured.

      How to set up a chaincoin masternode

      1. Firstly you will need a VPS, either set up your machine to be a VPS or choose a VPS Provider, then install Ubuntu
      2. After you’ve set up your VPS, connect to it using a software such as PuTTy.
      3. Install the official wallet on the machine you have your VPS set up on. Synchronize the wallet to the blockchain and create a masternode address
      4. Send exactly 1000 CHC to your masternode wallet address, and after that you will need to enter the necessary data on your machine’s masternode.conf file, and then connect to your VPS masternode
      5. Launch the masternode and make sure it is running on the VPS
      Name Price Annual Roi Required Coins Active Nodes Mn. Worth

      Chaincoin Masternode Stats

      Based on actual data over the past 24 hours

      Coin Price


      ROI (annual)


      Required Coins


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      Mn. Worth

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