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      Absolute Masternode: Reward, ROI, Price and Technical Setup Guide


      CED Rank 543
      Master Node for ABS
      ROI (annual) 183.53%

      Absolute masternode description

      Originally, the Absolute project was launched in February 2018, but shortly after that, the development team left with no explanation or reason. Later, a few community members took it upon themselves to take over the support for the new cryptocurrency network and on the 4th April that year they set up a new domain, GitHub repository, and social media accounts. 

      The newly formed network featured a Proof of View consensus mechanism that was backed by masternode technology. This made Absolute a very fast, efficient and low-cost blockchain for verifying advertisements through consensus. Just like in many other masternode enabled coins, it requires collateral in order to unlock the necessary functions to run one.

      Absolute masternode minimum requirements

      1. You need at least 2,500 ABS ready to transfer or already transferred to the masternode wallet address.
      2. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) with at least 20GB SSD storage space, 512MB of RAM
      3. Unlimited bandwidth connection 
      4. 24/7 uptime of the node 

      How to set up a Absolute masternode

      1. Start by setting up your Virtual Private Server. Do that on your own or rent one. The main thing, that you have to pay attention to is the static IP address.
      2. Install the operating system (Ubuntu is recommended) and install software that will allow you remote access to your VPS.
      3. Install the official wallet and configure it. You will not be able to host the masternode without it.
      4. Send the 2,500 ABS to the masternode wallet address and make sure that it is exactly 2500.
      5. It is time to start the Absolute masternode. You can do that from the wallet interface.
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      Absolute Masternode Stats

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