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      GPM Carbon

      GPM Carbon

      Total Tokens
      Initial Token Price
      Accepted Currencies
      ETH, BTC

      GPM Carbon Calendar, Statistics and Details List

      About GPM Carbon

      GPM Carbon is a part of GPM Planet group and operates with active carbon production. Due to its physical and chemical properties, activated carbon is a unique and ideal purifying (sorption) material. Currently, it is difficult to name the sector of the economy where this unique adsorbent is not used. In fact, this is the second material after iron in the breadth of its application. The GPM-carbon project solves 3 main problems of modern society: 1) Water resources pollution. Factor leading to changes in the properties of water resources (chemical, physical and biological) as a result of human activities. 2) Soil pollution Factor affecting the accumulation of chemicals in soils and grounds as a result of economic and other activities in quantities that degrade the quality of soils and grounds and represent a potential danger to public health and the environment. 3) Contamination of food. The process of contamination of food products with radionuclides and nitrates, leading to deterioration in the health of consumers of such food, their development of chronic diseases and premature death. GPM Carbon token correlates with the physical volume of the active carbon.
      Start Time
      2019-12-01 00:00:00
      End Time
      2020-03-31 00:00:00
      Czech Republic
      White Paper
      Igor Kasinov
      Strategic planning. The overall management of the Project
      Pavel Yasenkov
      Provision of a real estate object for the project implementation International and domestic logistics. Solving common issues in Project management
      Raikhat Khuzin
      Business planning of the investment project, analysis and financial control of the project, analytics
      Alexey Levinskiy
      IT specialist, advertising, promotion
      Evgenia Churikova
      The marketing, general promotion and sales
      Roman Buhtiyarov
      IT expert
      Viktor Dmitrenko
      Marketing expert
      Konstantin Nesterenko
      Production Technology Specialist
      Eduard Rumyantsev
      Finance Specialist
      Richard Trummer
      Internet Marketing Expert
      Valery Indyk
      Alexander Andreev
      Naveen Kapoor
      Pre-sale Time
      01 Dec 2019 - 31 Mar 2020
      ICO Time
      01 Apr 2020 - 30 Apr 2020
      Token Type
      Total supply
      180,000,000 GPM
      Pre-sale Price
      1 GPM = 0.15 USD
      Soft cap
      3,000,000 USD
      Hard cap
      27,000,000 USD
      PreICO Discount - 50%
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