Cryptocurrencies: 1294
Markets: 4599
USDT Markets: 975
Total Market Cap: 230.1 Bn USDT
24h Volume: 100.6 Bn USDT
BTC Dominance: 66.63%
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      ETH, BTC, DOGE

      FunnyToken Calendar, Statistics and Details List

      About FunnyToken

      FunnyToken is an open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum Blockchain. The safest and easiest way to buy, sell and trade in games and digital services. In a world where digital assets have gained value with the use of ERC-20 blockchain, FunnyToken(FUNTO) aims at bringing cryptocurrencies into use in games and digital services. FunnyToken intends to be an option for purchase and sale online and offline services’ in-app elements or any advantage offered. The unrealized and unrealistic objectives of the other familiar projects on the market have been making users unsure and disappointed. On the contrary, FunnyToken is a project which is straighthead and when examined technically, it’s consistent and highly possible to be actualized. The reason why our project is on a straight basis is that we’ll be perceptibly administering to the project’s objectives by creating our own ecosystem with our Internal Productions. And this ecosystem, on the first stage, will bring a natural growth and trading volume with itself as the users will be able to use FunnyTokens they earn through our services. FunnyToken, thanks to its Blockchain technology, game and player oriented economic model, intends to reward its users for the value they produce for the platform, their participation and their in-game accomplishments. These earnings will be available to be used in other services for trades and in exchange for other cryptocurrencies if desired. FunnyToken aims at servicing in two platforms such as Internal Productions and External Productions. External Productions are the games and services which are already in the market. On the other hand, Internal Productions are the games and services which are in FunnyToken’s own structure. All the games and services we will produce contain a system which makes users who follow in-game scenarios earn FunnyToken. Also, FunnyToken is a cryptocurrency which will be available for digital product and service purchases in the future.
      Start Time
      2019-08-26 00:00:00
      End Time
      2019-11-17 00:00:00
      White Paper
      Furkan Pala
      CEO, Marketing & Advertisement
      Burak Kaydeli
      CTO, Lead Blockchain
      İsmail Erciyes
      Software Developer
      Bilal Emre Gözet
      Software Developer
      Samet Kaya
      Data Analyst
      Merve Çelik
      Community Manager
      Merve Nur Ersoy
      Project Manager
      Onur Furkan Kalender
      Graphic Design
      ICO Time
      26 Aug 2019 - 17 Nov 2019
      Token Type
      Total supply
      246,000,000 FUNTO
      Soft cap
      500,000 USD
      Hard cap
      8,856,000 USD
      26 AUG - 17 NOV: 50%
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