Cryptocurrencies: 1337
Markets: 3628
USDT Markets: 600
Total Market Cap: 210.9 Bn USDT
24h Volume: 39.9 Bn USDT
BTC Dominance: 64.97%
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      Total Tokens
      Initial Token Price
      Accepted Currencies
      ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat

      Cowrium Calendar, Statistics and Details List

      About Cowrium

      Cowrium is a blockchain project being developed to help Small and Medium Enterprise to easily adopt comprehensive blockchain solutions to better reach thousands of customers who conduct business through the SME industry. The Cowrie coin, which is the official cryptocurrency of the Cowrium platform, represents a digital currency that will effectively replace the physical money. The aim is to increase the adoption of blockchain technology through an easy-to-use platform. Cowrium uses a 2-Hop network. In the first hop, miners identify blocks and record transactions on to the blockchain. The miner, of course, is rewarded with the new coin mined in return. The other hop consists of Masternodes that are hosted on virtual private servers (VPS). These are special servers that enable instant and private transactions, budgeting as well as decentralized governance.
      Start Time
      2020-01-01 00:00:00
      End Time
      2020-05-30 00:00:00
      White Paper
      Emmanuel Haastrup
      Founder / Chief Conductor
      Praveen Dagdi
      Product Manager
      Deepanshu Bhatt
      Chief Marketing Officer
      Shobhit Sharma
      Lead: Blockchain Development
      Priyanka Chouhan
      Lead: Business Development
      Aanuoluwapo Awesome
      Lead: Community Development
      Kshama Verma
      Lead: Backend Devs, API, NODEs
      Pedetin A. Obadimeji
      Lead: Legal
      Marina Sokolova
      Business Development (Eastern Europe)
      Chloe Khok
      Oluyinka Tanimowo
      Bado Faisal
      ICO Time
      01 Jan 2020 - 30 May 2020
      Token Type
      Total supply
      2,000,000,000 CWR
      Phase 1: JAN 1 To JAN 31 (31 days) 1CWR = 0.035 USD Phase 2: FEB 1 to FEB 29 (29 days) 1CWR = 0.0375 USD Phase 3: MAR 1 To MAR 31 (31 days) 1CWR = 0.04 USD Phase 4: APR 1 to APR 30 (30 days) 1CWR = 0.0425 USD Phase 5: MAY 1 to MAY 30 (30 days) 1CWR = 0.045 USD
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