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BTC Dominance: 64.92%
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      What is a Cryptocurrency?

      A cryptocurrency is defined as a digital currency secured by means of high grade encryption, usually created by means of a blockchain, though not always mutually exclusive. Examples of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc.

      What is an ICO?

      An ICO is a new means of raising funds through the means of cryptocurrencies. A company releases a token and asks investors for either Bitcoin, Ethereum or sometimes fiat in return for their tokens. To learn more about ICOs, you can read our guide found here.

      What is a masternode?

      A Masternode is a cryptocurrency full node that helps secure the network and verify transactions on the specific blockchain. In return, Masternode owners receive passive income generated from transaction as a reward. To learn more, you can read our guide about Masternodes, and to find which Masternodes provides what ROI( return on investment), you can visit our dedicated Masternode page here.

      What is an exchange?

      An exchange is a platform that helps facilitate the trading, holding and sending of cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges also feature the ability to buy using your credit card and also make fiat withdrawals.

      What is a watchlist?

      A watchlist is a list of cryptocurrencies that you add and personalize in order to keep better track of their price movements. To learn how to use and customize your watchlist, please read our tutorial found here.

      What are alerts?

      Alerts are a service this website offers in order to be notified when certain events occur on the cryptocurrencies you choose to receive alerts from. Events can consist of price drops or increases, or when certain parameters that you customize are reached. To learn how to use and customize your alerts please read this tutorial.

      What is fiat?

      Fiat refers to currencies that governments declare as legal tender. USD, EUR, JPY, CNY and so forth are all fiat currencies.

      How do I make an account on this website?

      You can create an account on this website as easy as you can do on most other website. Simply click on the Register button at the top left of the homepage, enter your details and set a password. Alternatively you can also log in using your Facebook or Google credentials.

      How do I sign in?

      After you create your account, you can click on the Sign In button and enter your email address and password. We recommend not disclosing these details to anyone else.

      What can I do once I create an account?

      Once you have a username and password setup, you may create personalized watchlists for coins that you are interested in or use our alerts service to receive quick updates based on your preferences when a coin meets certain parameters ( i.e. when Bitcoin rises above a certain price).

      What is a Service?

      A service as presented on this website is any service that facilitates or is involved in the development of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology , such as : cloud hosting services , KYC services, AML scans, dApps and so forth.

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