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      Apple Unveils “CryptoKit” Cryptographic Developer
      Apple Unveils “CryptoKit” Cryptographic Developer

       Apple Unveils “CryptoKit” Cryptographic Developer Package for iOS13 at WWDC.

      At this year’s worldwide developer’s conference (WWDC), Apple had a quite a few new features to showcase for their upcoming operating system updates. They also launched a new Mac Pro generation and new developer tools that greatly simplify the process of turning iPad apps into Mac apps.

      However, one feature that was quietly unveiled without much attention drawn to it is the CryptoKit framework. This new framework will let developers create cryptographic operations straight into their apps. While this does sound like Apple might be interested in exploring cryptocurrencies, it is too early to say if Apple will try to create a digital coin for payments similar to Facebook’s own cryptocurrency project. With the recent announcement of Apple’s own credit card, the tech giant seems to want to make a move in the payments and banking sector, so perhaps the idea of an Apple cryptocurrency is not too far-fetched in the near future.

      At this stage, it sure seems like we will see a usable crypto wallet for digital currencies such as Bitcoin coming soon for iPhone users, similar to how Samsung introduced their ERC-20 compatible blockchain wallet for the Samsung S10.

      What the CryptoKit will allow developers to do is use public-key cryptography, create digital signatures, use private keys and fortify the security of their apps through cryptographic means, though the most sensitive information will still be handled by a separate Apple processor. Messaging apps will likely benefit the most from this addition, as cryptography works very well for encrypting messages and authenticating users. More details regarding this new framework can be found on Apple’s developer portal

      This is not the only use that cryptography brings for Apple’s iOS13. The new Find My app uses cryptography to locate stolen iPhones and Macs anywhere they are in the world, without any of data reaching Apple’s servers, so the devices can even be offline.

      This shows that there are other uses for cryptography aside from digital currencies. However, this could prove a turning point in making your iPhone a wallet that can hold cryptocurrencies, creating an extra layer of security on your device.

      Other smartphones, such as Sirin Labs Finney and HTC Exodus, have been designed and created to be mostly focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Slowly but surely, it seems the industry is warming up to crypto and creating a space where this new technology can thrive.

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