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      How to use Alerts

      A great way to take advantage of our platform’s functionalities is to set up alerts for your favorite cryptocurrency trading pairs. Below you will find a tutorial that explains things nice and simple.

      To start, please click on the Alerts navigation link found in the top header section.

      Next, click on the add alerts button.A window will pop up with and you will need to choose the trading pair and exchange you wish to receive alerts for.

      After that, you need to choose your condition for the alert to be triggered. Condition criteria are as follows:

      • Choose between price,highest bid, lowest ask, volume,change, low and close
      • Choose whether your first criterion is less, equal or less, equal, greater, greater or equal than your desired value at criterion 3
      • Choose a value that is tied with the criterion you set at step 1

      Next, set your desired expiration date. The alert will remain active until the set date and time are reached.

      Now, set a frequency. You can choose to receive this alert once, or every time ( the every time option is limited to a maximum of 5 notifications for one set alert, and the minimum time between each notification being sent is 5 minutes.)

      Next, set how you wish to receive the notification, either through email or through SMS.

      Lastly, click SAVE ALERT and you’re good to go. Congratulations on setting your first alert!

      Select from cryptocurrencies
        Available exchanges